The advantages and disadvantages of Satellite Internet

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Satellite Internet

Intercommunication in remote areas depends on the infrastructure of the companies offering Internet services. Satellite Internet was born to solve these inconveniences because it allows connecting in remote sites without the need for such complex structures.

In this post, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of satellite Internet. That way you will be able to know in depth this service before hiring it.

What is Satellite Internet?

It is a communication process through the interconnection of specialized electronic equipment and one to more satellites. The system consists of three basic pieces of equipment: a router, a ground antenna and a satellite in the exosphere.

There are two methods for this type of connection: the first is the unidirectional one. The information requested on the website is sent via a network cable or coaxial, and the data is returned via the satellite. Generally, two-way service is offered by telecommunication companies with comprehensive plans that include telephone and television.

The second way is totally wireless or also two-way calling. The upload and download data are encoded by the router, then sent and received from the satellite by the antenna on the ground. The advantages of two-way satellite Internet are that it does not depend on a wired infrastructure.

The sending signal is known as the upstream beam and the receiving signal as the downstream beam. Each works at different frequencies so as not to generate interference. The upward beam is usually higher in frequency than the downward beam because it takes more power from the power grid on the ground.

Advantages of Satellite Internet

Lets you stay connected anywhere in the world

This Internet works directly through a satellite in space. It does not depend on the wired structures of LANs or the repeater antennas of the mobile network.

As long as there is electricity and the antenna on the ground can be linked to the satellite you will be connected anywhere on the earth’s sphere. This allows rural areas, farms, cottages, and other areas to be in contact with the present.

Large belt width

From 1 Mbps to 20 Mbps, this system achieves speeds for connections that require high bandwidth. So with these advantages of satellite Internet, you will be able to watch videos, download, and navigate with ease.

You can also share your vacation experiences via streaming or quickly upload your Instagram photos.

Quick and easy installation

If you have basic knowledge of electronic equipment installation you will be able to install it easily. The difficulties lie in the location of the antenna on the ground for its interlacing with the satellite. In general, operators offer data on the location of the satellite in the Earth’s sky with respect to the Earth’s magnetic poles.

This orientation angle is called the azimuth. It indicates in degree mode the placement of the antenna at the correct inclination. For the correct functioning of the satellite Internet in TK installations, we have experts who will avoid you mishaps when installing this system.

Safety and stability of service

When accidents occur in the wiring of telecommunication companies, the service stops working and it may take a long time before the repair is made.

This does not happen with the satellite Internet which, being wireless, will avoid these failures so as not to be left incommunicado.

Disadvantages of Satellite Internet

Dependence on weather conditions

When the day is totally cloudy, satellite connections diminish their effectiveness. This happens by interfering with the reception and sending of the light beams.

Rain will oxidize components that are exposed to water. Also, in windy places, it can change the angle of the antenna is not properly adjusted.

Higher price

Telecommunications companies offer these services with costs that are double or triple the cost of the cable Internet or mobile network.

They justify these prices by both the maintenance and adequacy of the services and the satellite. In addition, the amount of equipment for operation and installation increases the costs of this method.

Limited Internet

Although the advantages of satellite Internet are high bandwidth, few companies offer unlimited services to their customers. Most offer plans up to 100 Gb per month. For this reason, we must regulate our navigation so that we do not lose our connection to the network.

Higher latency

Latency is the speed it takes to transmit a packet to the Internet. These influences live communications. Video games need low latency to remain effective. This is why this service is not ideal for real-time transmissions.

The wide side is inferior to other Internet systems

Although one of the advantages of satellite Internet is to exceed the bandwidth of the ADSL network, it is not advantageous to the optical fiber and mobile network. Fiber optics reaches up to 1Gbps in upload and download and the 4g mobile network achieves speeds up to 37Mbps.

Why use satellite Internet in rural areas, farms and country houses?

Increase your safety radius

Farms are better protected with security systems intertwined with the Internet of things. The advantages of the Internet by satellite will allow you to know in real-time, wherever you are, the misfortunes that are being generated there.

Improves education

Having the Internet in your school or educational facility, it enhances learning by making it a dynamic system. You will also be updated to promote the educational trends of the moment.

Connect your remote business to your back-office system

This method works for agribusinesses that want to maintain an orderly management system without leaving any facilities unupgraded. The advantages of satellite Internet allow the entire business environment to be just a click away.

The advantages of satellite Internet allow us to be connected in remote areas. When you don’t have satellite Internet you have to travel long distances to connect to the network. With this method, you will be online at any time of the day, 24 hours a day.

The best thing is to have a team of experts to advise you on the installation and maintenance of your satellite Internet connection. At Instalaciones TK we offer you competitive quotes and a quality service so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of satellite Internet.