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The world of information and communication technology has multiplied its importance with the growing number of users, becoming essential both for individuals and for the operation of administrations and companies.

Due to its particularities, this technology is subject to continuous changes and updates that transcendently modify the paradigm in which we find ourselves. Thus, at the beginning of this year, we could not stop talking about trends in telecommunications.

What will be the trends in telecommunications

The mobile phone

The mobile phone, that device to which we are connected almost 24 hours a day and from which we cannot unhook ourselves, will also offer us important novelties.

The past has been marked by the end of roaming within the European Union, which for many has meant great savings. This fact is surpassed… by the arrival of 5G! However, it will only be possible to enjoy this service in the United States, Switzerland or China for the time being.

In Spain, we will still have to wait two years for the operators to offer the “fifth connectivity” and we will be able to compare the differences between 4G and 5G connection.

Fixed telephony

And speaking of receivers, landline telephony also brings us some surprises: it will “move to the cloud” during this new year.

One of the trends in telecommunications will be the VoIP telephony, which becomes the most efficient option for telephone management in companies because it is much cheaper than the traditional switchboard, both in installation, maintenance and cost of calls.

On the other hand, the Chatbots become a top tool to offer a 24 hours a day attention to the clients in several languages.

But another of the star features that artificial intelligence offers us is the collection of a large amount of data to provide a totally personalized communication. Thus, you can detect new user usage patterns, notify large data downloads or alert of suspected fraud calls.


More and more connected. According to the IT research and consulting company Gartner, this new year there will be 8.4 billion objects connected to the Internet (cars, cameras, appliances, sensors, etc.) providing real-time data.

This will allow organizations to improve the efficiency of their products/services by making it essential for more human capital to analyze and strategically use this data. Consequently, it will require specialized telecommunication companies that are able to offer great power in connectivity.

Secure payments thanks to the Blockchain technology.

This system became famous with the appearance of the digital currency Bitcoin. A currency that offers more security in online transactions without the need for an intermediary. This is a great advantage to reinforce the trust between the client and the company, which I am sure that the telecommunications operators will know how to take advantage of this new year.

In this way, in eConectia we are the first to take note of the advances in new technologies in telecommunications, in order to offer those services that improve the day-to-day online life of our customers.

That is why we are currently at the forefront of offering fixed VoIP telephony to all our users as well as new connectivity solutions such as for large events and rural areas.